Install Wine in RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu 7.0/6.x/5.x and Fedora 21-12

Wine is used To Run Windows Software on Linux. Linux users generally search for some techniques using which they could install Windows .exe files like VLC, on Linux machine. In this article you will show you a step by step process on "how to install latest version of Wine on Red Hat - RHEL and Debian based operating systems like CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other supported distributions.

Install Wine on RedHat, Ubantu, CentOS, Fedora

Some of the Extra Features Added In this New Release:

  • New version of the Mono engine.
  • A few more functions implemented in MSHTML.
  • Improved support for restoring display mode.
  • Font metrics improvements in DirectWrite.
  • Various types of bug fixes in this new release.

How to install Wine on redhat Linux based operating Systems

Before wine installation we need to install some of the "Development tools" which is required to install the package smoothly. These tools are mostly required to compile and install them using YUM command. If previously installed no need to install again.

#yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'
# yum install libX11-devel freetype-devel zlib-devel libxcb-devel

 Download Wine Packages for Installation from Source using Wget Command

Download the latest version of source file using Wget command under /tmp directory as a normal User, you can also find the latest release from the wine website.

$ cd /tmp

$ wget

Now, extract the downloaded tar file using the following command

$ tar -xvf wine-1.7.32.tar.bz2

To install extracted Wine Packages

Now, it’s time to compile and build Wine installer using the following commands as normal user, if asked for root password provide the same. Note: The installation process might take up-to 10-15 minutes depending upon your internet speed.

On 64-Bit Systems

$ cd wine-1.7.32/

$ ./configure --enable-win64

$ make

# make install

On 32-Bit Systems

# cd wine-1.7.32/


# make

# make install

To Install Wine On Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint

Under Ubuntu based systems, you can easily install the latest development build of Wine using the official PPA. Open a terminal and run the following commands with sudo privileges.
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install -y wine1.7 winetricks

How to Install and run EXE files in Linux, RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Ubantu

Navigate to the directory location of your windows application setup file and double click on it. It will automatically start the installation of the application (.exe) file. If it does not work then you can start the installation process from the terminal by typing the following command:

wine your_application_setup_file_name.exe


wine VLC.exe

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